MAME Cabinet

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The Control Panel
Initial Inspection
Monitor Shelf
Game Details
Replacing Corners
Marquee and Front Glass
Internal Wiring
Stripping The Cabinet
Sanding The Cabinet
Patching And Filling
Checking The Monitor
Leg Levelers
Gutting The Cabinet
Coin Door

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Cost: $40.00

Obtained from: Individual in Marietta, GA on about Oct. 25, 1999

Condition: Not working.  No video!  Seller insisted that the machine worked before I arrived and that he was playing Wonderboy on it.  At this point the monitor tube didn't even light up.  Cabinet is beat up and painted over with black paint.  Coin door is chipped and painted badly.  Marquee is perfect (Wonderboy) and the front plexiglass is from Defender.  The Bezel and speaker are good.  Coin door works but looks bad and is bent in a couple of places.  Monitor has bad screen burn.

Current Status: Converting this cabinet to a MAME machine.  Waiting on parts for monitor.


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