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The Control Panel
Initial Inspection
Monitor Shelf
Game Details
Replacing Corners
Marquee and Front Glass
Internal Wiring
Stripping The Cabinet
Sanding The Cabinet
Patching And Filling
Checking The Monitor
Leg Levelers
Gutting The Cabinet
Coin Door


Game Details

This machine was originally a defender cabinet.  Somewhere along the way the monitor in the machine has gotten a severe screen burn from Ms. Pac Man.  I don't know if the monitor is the original Defender monitor or not.  It's an Electrohome G07.  When I bought the cabinet it had been painted with very thick black paint.  The paint was brushed on and looked horrible.  The cabinet had chips, knicks, holes, etc.  The nicest thing about this cabinet is that it's made of plywood.  The plywood is lighter and stronger than the fiberboard used in most arcade cabinets.  The lower front and top have been replaced with fiberboard but the rest is plywood.  I won't bother describing the game of Defender, Ms. Pac Man or Wonderboy because this will become a MAME cabinet.


Second Chance Arcade