Gutting The Cabinet

Gutting The Cabinet
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The Control Panel
Initial Inspection
Monitor Shelf
Game Details
Replacing Corners
Marquee and Front Glass
Internal Wiring
Stripping The Cabinet
Sanding The Cabinet
Patching And Filling
Checking The Monitor
Leg Levelers
Gutting The Cabinet
Coin Door


The first thing I did with this cabinet after inspecting was to gut it out.  I removed every transformer, power supply, glass, bezel, staple, screw, coin door - everything.  When I was finished I had a coin tray full of screws and miscellaneous hardware and a wagon full of parts such as transformers, power supplies and grounding wire.  Because the monitor requires an isolation transformer, I'll be recycling that after cleaning it up.  Most everything else will be trashed or stored when I'm finished.

Some people may think I'm crazy to remove all the wiring and internal components with the idea of trashing them, but this arcade cabinet is intended to have a computer in it now.  Gutting the cabinet makes it much easier to strip and clean.  I don't ever plan on putting an arcade board set back into the cabinet, so I could care less if it's arcade or jamma compliant.

What's left of the "innards"!

Coin box full of hardware & top panel w/speaker


Second Chance Arcade