Stripping The Cabinet

Stripping The Cabinet
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Because the paint job looked horrible, I decided to strip this cabinet to the bare wood.  This cabinet is going in my house and if I'm painting it at all I want it to look nice.  I began stripping by putting a sheet of plastic drop cloth (found in the paint section of your store) on the grass.  Then I laid the cabinet down and sprayed some Bix paint stripper all over the side.  The Bix stripper I bought cost $5.82 per quart and came with a free plastic spray bottle.  I ended up using 3 cans of the stripper and found out that I could have saved several dollars by just buying a gallon.

Because my cabinet was originally a defender and was painted over with black, it took several coats of stripper and scraping on each side.  Instead of using a putty knife to scrape, I used a paint scraper with a long black handle and a replaceable "C" shaped blade.

After applying stripper, scraping, stripping and scraping again - I had most of the paint off.  Now it was time for a good sanding.

You'll have to turn your head for this one!

A dark photo of the completely stripped cabinet.


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