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Coin Door
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Coin Door


I disassembled the coin door and put all plastic pieces in the dish washer.  The coin mechanics are plastic as are the coin return buttons and bezels.  One coin mechanic is a little finicky but I've found out how to make it behave.  It's beyond explanation!

I stripped the coin door with a wire wheel that I attached to my drill.  Some of the paint came off easily but some of it just didn't want to go!  Because the door is metal it's important to get all the old paint off.  Old paint will show through very easily.  I may not be going with the basic black finish.  I'm not sure how I'll be painting the cabinet but I plan in layering any artwork directly over the coin door for a unique look.

As this project progressed, I decided to just paint the coin door black again.  I'm glad that I stripped it down because it was chipped and bent up in many places.  The new paint job is very smooth.

The coin door was painted with black high-gloss spray paint.

S043i006.jpg (187238 bytes)

The next order of business was to clean up the coin return cups.  Mine had a considerable amount of rust in them.  I knew that grinding or sanding the rust off would leave them scratched but I think that scratches look better than rust.

I used a Dremel tool with several stone grinding bits and a small wire wheel.  Make sure you wear safety glasses if you do this because the metal and rust will fly everywhere.  The wire wheel will also disintegrate as you use it, throwing little wires everywhere.  Some of the wires will stick into your skin also, so make sure you clean up good afterwards.  Cleaning took around 20 minutes.

S044i001.jpg (156466 bytes)     (Before)    S044i003.jpg (154134 bytes)     (After)

Now the question is whether I'll paint the coin return cups or leave them scratched but shiny.


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