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Monitor Shelf
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The monitor in this cabinet was originally mounted horizontally.  I decided to rotate the monitor vertically because more games fit correctly this way.  After test fitting I realized that the monitor was too tall (vertically) to fit correctly.  Some careful measuring convinced me that I could lower the monitor shelf about 2 1/2 inches to make the monitor fit - barely.

I started by cutting a 2x4 in half to make 2 support braces for my new shelf.  The original shelf was 16" from front to back and my 2x4 was about 18".  Although a bit longer, I decided that the 2x4 length was just fine.  I also cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to 18" x 24".  My cabinet is actually 24 1/2 inches in width but the piece of plywood I bought was only 24".  Unfortunately I didn't notice this at the store.  Still I think that a 1/4 " gap on either side of the shelf won't be a problem.

S00AI002.JPG (122324 bytes)

After getting my shelf and supports cut, I measured down 2 1/2" from the top of my existing monitor shelf.  I drew several marks at this measurement and connected the lines.  From there I measured down 3/4" and made another line.  This was to allow for the height of my plywood shelf.

S00AI001.JPG (119466 bytes)

Next I clamped a support to the cabinet and lined it's top up with the lowest line I drew.  Using a thin drill bit, I pre-drilled from the inside of the cabinet to the outside.  From the outside, I drilled a larger counter-sink hold to recess the screws.  The first hole I drilled served as a guide so that I knew where to drill on the outside of the cabinet.  I had to place the thin drill bit just barely inside the chuck to ensure it was long enough to go through the support and the cabinet side.

S00AI004.JPG (123631 bytes)     S00AI003.JPG (119626 bytes)

I screwed in the shelf supports and stopped for the night.  Next I plan on fitting the shelf and monitor and measuring to ensure that the monitor fits correctly.  I also have to remove to old shelf, which is currently sitting 2 1/2" above the new one.

S00AI005.JPG (106503 bytes)     Although the countersink holes are barely visible in this picture, I'll have to conceal them with wood filler.

As I was writing this I realized that I made an error in my measurements.  I had to remove the monitor supports and put them 3/4" higher to allow for the shelf height.  After moving the supports I removed the old monitor shelf.  Because the existing shelf was installed into dado's in the cabinet sides, I was forced to cut it.  Using a jig saw, I cut the shelf and pounded it out with a hammer.  In the process I managed to scrape the side off one of my fingers.

S00BI001.JPG (122453 bytes)     S00BI002.JPG (113599 bytes)     Cutting the shelf and pushing it out of the dado.

After removing the shelf I was left with a very ugly looking dado in each side of the cabinet.  I really don't need to fill it but I think the perfectionist in my wants to do so.  Most likely I'll be filling it in before painting.

S00BI003.JPG (112723 bytes)     This dado has to go!

Once the old shelf was removed, I set the new shelf in place temporarily.  I put the monitor in to see how well it fit.  Everything looks fairly good except that the bezel is a little too high.  If I move the shelf up 1/2" more then the bezel will fit perfectly.  

As I already mentioned, I'm a perfectionist so I moved the shelf up 1/2".  After the second and final move of the shelf, I test fit the bezel, front plexi-glass and speaker panel.  Everything lines up very nice and it looks perfect!  I'm now getting anxious to play on this cabinet!

S034i001.jpg (133607 bytes)     S034i002.jpg (120233 bytes)

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