Sanding The Cabinet

Sanding The Cabinet
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To ensure that the new paint is smooth, doesn't bubble and doesn't peel off, I had to start with a nice clean surface.  I purchased an electric sander with a rectangular pad.  I also purchased 60, 100 and 220 grit sanding sheets.  I ended up using 2 packages of 60 grit and 1 package each of 100 and 220 grit sandpaper.  The cost per package was $1.87.

I spent about 10 hours going over the entire cabinet with the sander, inside and out.  I started with the 60 grit and went up to the 220.  The outside of the cabinet took a much longer time to sand with the 60 grit because I wanted as much paint gone as possible.  I also spent a long time sanding the bottom front of the cabinet.  The bottom front was fiber board and had water damage.  The water made part of the bottom swell, so I used to sander to bring it level with the rest of the bottom panel.

 The cabinet looks VERY nice now and is ready for patching and priming/painting!

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