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The seller plugged the game in and showed me its condition.  The screen just showed some wavy lines as if it needed to be adjusted.  The seller suggested that he had seen graphics from the game appearing now and then within the lines.  After I further assessed the condition of this game I think he was just imagining it.

I purchased the game anyway because I drove 2 1/2 hours to get it.  I initially wanted to convert the cabinet to MAME but I found out just before leaving that the monitor was black and white.  Because the monitor wasn't color, I knew that it wouldn't work for my MAME cabinet.  (I wanted color)  I decided to buy the game anyway and restore it as a Space Invaders.  The seller also had an old converted Defender cabinet I wanted (with a color monitor!) so I struck a deal to buy both at the same time.

s013i005.jpg (106117 bytes)

This is real glass - not plastic!  And it's in perfect condition!

s017i002.jpg (134810 bytes)

A shot of the side art.  Never mind the mess!


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