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For those who don't know, the original Space Invaders arcade game is black and white, with a green and red translucent overlay that covers the monitor where the UFO and shields are located.  The monitor accepts a B&W composite signal.  There was both a Taito and a Midway version of the game.  The Midway version is said to be more rugged and reliable for some reason.  The Midway version used a joystick for moving the ship back and forth while the Taito version used 2 buttons.  The audio is an old fashioned mono signal.

The Space Invaders cabinet I have has the monitor mounted on a horizontal plane, similar to the way a monitor is mounted in a cocktail cabinet.  A mirror in the top portion of the cabinet, mounted at a 45 degree angle, reflects the image back to the player.  The CPU used was an 8088.  

The board set is comprised of 2 boards.  One board contains the ROM, RAM, processor and other components related to generating the composite video.  The other board primarily contains the sound effect circuitry and audio amplifier.  The boards plug together in an "L" shape.


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