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This machine didn't have the wiring harness but all of the adjoining connectors were pretty much in place.  I just had to figure out what went were and make a new harness.

I started by taking apart every connector in an effort to simplify the spaghetti I was looking at.  Using the documentation I had, I started to plan on the wiring scheme and harness I was going to make.  After a couple of day planning, I went looking for an edge connector and found a perfectly good harness sitting in another machine!  At least point I was very relieved because I wasn't looking forward to making a new harness.

The only thing missing from the harness I found were speaker and video connections.  I purchased a 2 lead connector set and a 6 lead connector set and took care of the video/speaker connections.

Now that a harness was installed I had to get power to the machine.  The old power cord had been cut so I procured one from an old computer and wired it up.  This left me with the task of checking out the existing isolation transformer and power supply.

S004I008.JPG (148465 bytes)

Taking a careful look at the connectors, I figured out what went where and powered up the machine.  I checked voltages to the monitor, marquee light and from the power supply.  Everything came out correctly.  The fluorescent tube had a problem with coming on and off repetitively but a new tube took care of that.

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