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This control panel had been converted for Galaga and had 1 joystick with 2 directional switches wired up.  Luckily there were no additional holes drilled with the exception of 4 retaining screw holes for the joystick.

The panel was covered with a sticker that had some artwork I couldn't figure out.  It certainly wasn't a Zaxxon overlay so it had to go.  I took all the controls off and peeled away the old sticker, leaving a gooey mess.

S004I003.JPG (105249 bytes)  S004I004.JPG (103406 bytes)

This machine didn't come with a flight stick so I had to search a little for one.  As luck would have it, a friend of mine had a spare one laying around and sent to to me.  That moves him off my shit list and onto the best friend list.  At least for now!

S004I002.JPG (154192 bytes)

The flight stick needed some cleanup.  The wiring looked pretty sad and the handgrips had some paint chipped from them.  The LED on top was also scratched and rough looking.  I started by disassembling the joystick and taking a gook look at the wiring.

I found an LED assembly and holder at Radio Shack that fit just perfect.  In the very near future I'll be repainting the handgrips and then rewiring the stick and harness connector.

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