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I tested the transformer on the bowler and found out it was putting out.  It's supposed to have a common, 2 50v taps and a 6v tap.  I obtained a replacement from the person who originally sold me the bowler.  He was nice enough to let me cut it off a machine he was parting out.

I tested the new transformer in my house (since it's warmer there!) and everything was fine.  I went outside to the bowler and labeled the existing wires, cut them and unbolted the transformer.

s007i002.jpg (189410 bytes)

This is the old and the new (replacement) transformer.  The old one is mounted on the wall and the new is sitting on a shelf to the left.

s007i004.jpg (175569 bytes)

This is the transformer mounted next to some fuse holders.

After putting the new transformer on and soldering everything back into place, I powered up.  Unfortunately nothing happened!  The replacement transformer wasn't putting out either.  I pulled out a multi-meter and did some testing.  I finally discovered that the transformer wasn't receiving AC input.  I had previously tested a 2 prong outlet next to the transformer and it tested OK at 110vac.  I made the assumption that this meant that the transformer was also receiving 110vac.  The wiring looked sound so I had no reason to suspect otherwise.


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