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Initial Inspection
Power Up
Transformer Surgery
Fixing Broken Connectors



I couldn't work on the bowler while it was lying on the floor.  If the scoreboard is stood up by itself it has a tendency to fall over.  The best thing I could do was put it together.  This game is VERY heavy!  I would guess that the scoreboard is about 200 pounds and the deck is around 80 pounds.  I stood the scoreboard up on my own and just about broke my back!  It took 5 minutes for me to figure out how to get under it. 

I also picked the deck up by myself, rested it on a shoulder and bolted the legs in one at a time.  Take my advice on this and get some help if you need to work on one of these!

I have to admit that I finally went for some help in putting the deck up into the scoreboard.  I just couldn't lift the deck without canting it.  The deck fit like a glove and with a little pushing and shoving I got the connectors through the small holes provided.

s023i005.jpg (135221 bytes)

This is what it looks like assembled.  Quite ugly but somehow appealing as well???

s024i005.jpg (124718 bytes)

This picture shows the side art which I finally figured out is paintings of airplanes.  No wonder the scoreboard has an airport motif on it.


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