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This power supply is designed to be used in a MAME cabinet, where at least 1 coil is available from the isolation transformer.  The coil must output at least 16 volts AC to allow an output of 12vdc.  The power supply is used in my cabinet for lighting the coin door lights, track ball under-light and coin door counter.

The circuit is very simple.  The AC voltage is rectified with a bridge rectifier and the waveform is smoothed out using 2 capacitors and a voltage regulator.

To output 12vdc and 5vdc, two  regulators are required.  At the present time, the schematics aren't available but I will post them as soon as they're drawn.

To assemble to power supply, I used a piece of perforated board, a wire wrap tool and some 22 gauge solid core wire.  Photos of the completed power supply are shown below.

S04CI001.JPG (156519 bytes)     S04CI002.JPG (149804 bytes)


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