s009i005.jpg (140011 bytes) Pachinko (Sansei)

Cost: $166.10

Obtained from: E-bay - Shipped from northern CA, received on about Dec. 30, 1999

Condition: Dirty, no power supply, balls fell out during shipping.

Current Status: Waiting on funds to purchase a power supply.

Game Details

This is a fairly new pachinko machine that is both mechanical and electronic.  It has a video screen in then center and some logic PCB's in the back.

Initial Inspection

I was quite angry before even getting the machine.  The seller is an idiot and didn't ship the machine until several weeks after he cashed my check.  I also put the pachinko balls in a small box and taped it on top of the large box containing the machine.  Of course the box opened and fell out (presumably).  The machine was packed very poorly and the box was falling apart.  It was made of smaller pieces of cardboard taped together.

Anyway, I haven't had much time to look at the machine.  It arrived during my lunch and I had enough time to bring it inside and take photos.  It's very dirty and won't take balls right now.  It takes a little while to figure out the mechanics of one of the these machines.  I know that I need a power supply but I've yet to see an indication of how much power is required.  I'm not sure where to hook it up either.  Because of the electronics, I need to make sure I get this right the first time!

s009i001.jpg (141903 bytes)    s009i002.jpg (190690 bytes)    Machine front and face

s009i003.jpg (169449 bytes)    s009i004.jpg (155420 bytes)    Back of machine

This machine appears to have a motor to throw the balls.  Older pachinko machines use a spring loaded lever.

S02BI003.JPG (130639 bytes)

To gain a better understanding of how this machine works, I disassembled part of it.  This machine is full of levers and latches that let you take it apart easily.  The chutes which contain the balls can be disconnected as a single unit.

S02BI002.JPG (116612 bytes)S02BI005.JPG (126552 bytes)    Photos of the ball chutes

After removing the chutes you can get a better look at the electronics.  The electronics are spread around to different parts of the machine.  They seem to consist mainly of a motor, a logic board with transformer, an LCD or plasma screen and some scattered lights.

S02BI001.JPG (119539 bytes)S02BI004.JPG (168545 bytes)