MP3 Jukebox

Cost: $??.???

Obtained from: N/A

Condition: N/A

Current Status: Conceptual.  I have some hardware but need to finalize details and write software.


The idea with this project is to build a jukebox based on a PC and using MP3 files.  I have a source for purchasing a 45 RPM jukebox to restore but I want a larger selection of music.  I also want to have a large variety of music and be able to add more music easily.  Unlike having a computer sit on a desk and walking over to click on something like winamp, I want to build a box of some sort and have the computer imbedded into it.  I would like the computer interface to be somewhat transparent.

The MP3 jukebox should look physically similar to a regular jukebox.  One entertaining part of this project will be designing the physical box.  I'm thinking about old wooden radios or stained glass, block glass and wood with lots of lights.  Whatever I decide on will definitely be unique.


The jukebox core will be a PC motherboard I have lying around.  I actually have several of these.  I plan on purchasing a 27 gig hard disk and expect to have approximately 12,000 songs when the disk is full!  Initially I'll probably use some sort of hacked keyboard or keyboard encoder interface to a keypad.  Later I'd like to have a touch screen LCD monitor.  Of course the output will feed into a high power amplifier.  I have a 110w power amp that needs repair.  It might end up getting used for this.

The jukebox needs to boot up quickly so I'll either use my own "O/S" or something like DOS or a stripped down Linux.  I also need to build an MP3 player (software) that can still scan a keyboard/LCD touch screen and queue up music.  Maybe this will take so long that someone else will write the software for me???!!

If you're doing anything similar to this then I really want to hear from you.  Especially if you've provided transparency of the computer.