Arcade Related Links


Everyone has links on their sites so why should I be different?  The links here are of sites or people that I found to be very helpful in providing information to restore arcade/coin op equipment.


Arcade/Electronics Repairs

Randy Fromm's Web Site - Offers arcade repair classes, videos and online tutorials.

Randy Fromm's Arcade School Tech Notes - Shorter link to lots of technical articles for everything from power supply to monitor and PCB repair.

Jim Skilskys Arcade Game Repair Page - Jim has been very nice in answering my questions.  He's appears to be very experienced in repairing arcade boards.  Lots of good info here including board conversions.  Jim also fixes boards - and fixed my Space Invaders!

Building your own controls FAQ - A very popular site with tons of info on creating/interfacing arcade controls.  This is one of the must-see sites if your creating an arcade machine.


Message Boards

The Tech Room - Message board full of people who repair coin op equipment.

Arcade@Home Message Board - Board of people who are building MAME cabinets for converting cabinets for MAME.


Arcade Game Restoration

Dave's Arcade - Dave is an old friend of mine so he gets first billing here.  There's a Popeye Cocktail, Zaxxon Upright,  Subroc 3d Upright and a great made-from-scratch MAME cabinet.

Arcade Restoration Workshop - Great info on restoring arcade games here.

Mr. Salty's Salt Lick - His MAME cabinet has some nice and innovative features.


MAME Related Info

Arcade@Home - Lot of emulation related info and links to valid ROMS for MAME. - Although they lag a day or so on new releases, this is a great site for ROMS when other sites are swamped.

Arcade Heaven - Nice place to get MAME pre-release ROMS.

GeoShock - The best and only place I know to download almost every NEO GEO ROM.


Arcade Parts

HappControls - Coin doors, locks, leg levelers, monitors, joysticks, buttons, etc.

Wico The Source - Short throw, leaf switch joysticks, buttons and other arcade parts.



Mouser Electronics - Just about anything from power supplies, IC's, switches, etc.



Second Chance Arcade