Stand Alone Control Panel


Finishing It Up!

After getting the trackball in I soldered 2 of the joysticks and 4 buttons to a joystick (15 pin) connector.  Two joysticks were wired through resistors (to translate the switches to a quasi-analog state) and run into the PC joystick port.  50 ohms was used as the stick center and 0 and 100 ohms were used for the left/right and up/down extremes.

The 4-way joysticks and other buttons were wired into the keyboard encoder.

I'll post a photo of the schematic soon.

What the hell is this??!!

I didn't get a shot of the innards before I disassembled it to put in my defender cabinet.  This is pretty much how it looked, minus the white labels.  The wiring can get pretty messy but I didn't care much about that.  I could have bundled wires together and used plastic ties to make it look nicer.


In the end the control panel worked flawlessly!  It was very responsive and quite realistic.  Two player games worked perfect.

I didn't much like having to sit on the floor to use it but it's the next best thing to having a cabinet!