Electronics Workbench


I hate companies that rip people off!  I'm posting my experiences with this company and its products so that other people may avoid having the same unpleasant experience!


What did Electronics Workbench do?  First of all they sold me a copy of their product for $1800.00.  I found out later that I paid WAY too much for the product (I'll explain later).  If you don't know, this company sells electronics simulation, and PCB layout software.  I would recommend you buy Circuitmaker instead!

When I received my $1800 software I was very happy.  I quickly installed it and started it up.  The next thing I know I'm looking at an annoying splash screen that says I have to call them to get a password to use this software.  That's right - I had to call them to get a password to use software that I purchased that that I was supposed to OWN.  Just wait - it gets worse!

Since this was a weekend I had to wait until Monday to call them and get a password.  I had to give them some registration code first which was then translated into a password.  Now that I had a password to use the software that I owned, I took it into my place of work and installed it.  This way I could use it at home and also at work when I was there.

I installed the software at work and found out that the password was no longer good.  I got the same annoying splash screen with a different registration code which I then had to call them with to get yet another password.  Of course the company was closed and I had to wait until the next day!

I found out that every time I install the software or whenever I upgrade my computer, I'll need to call this company to get a password to use my software!  For as long as I own the software, I have to call them to install it!  If I'm going on a trip and want to it on my laptop, I have to call them!

I talked to everyone at Electronics Workbench that I could find.  I told them that I was upset because I bought the software for $1800.00 and I now felt like I didn't have full control over the use of it.  I also told them that I was angry that I wouldn't be able to use the software if they went out of business.

To make matters worse, everyone I talked to kept saying "$1800?  You paid $1800 for that?".  I said YES I DID!  Some of them told me that it should have only cost $500!

Of course all of this fell on deaf ears and they essentially didn't care.  They wouldn't even honor their 30 day money back guarantee which has led me to file suit.  If anyone else is interested in doing a class action lawsuit against the makers of Electronics Workbench then please let me know!  We can't let companies get away with this sort of garbage!

As a side note, I used my experience with obtaining valid passwords to make a crack utility for this product.  I called the company and offered the crack to them to distribute to their customers.  They didn't want the crack and were very rude so I distributed it on the internet.  I hope they learn their lesson someday.